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balustrada lemn plastifiat wpc onix rezistent gard in chisinau pret mic

Balustradă WPC model „ONIX”

Installation of plasticized wood railing (WPC)


When building a terrace, gazebo or veranda, there are many important decisions that need to be made. One of the choices that can really define your outdoor space is the railing you choose. The style, color, finish and material of the railings will have a huge impact on the final look.
Nowadays, the railing is a useful and necessary architectural accessory, a practical and at the same time decorative element. A well-made railing and framed in the exterior design of the house can help create your own style and in the case of renovations, this element can help change it.
Beautiful, elegant and very easy to install, composite wooden railings are the perfect solution for your home, garden or terrace, especially if you like to do a beautiful thing, know that it is well done and durable. Only with us you can find a quality railing at a reasonable price in Chisinau.
We give you the solution, you build your dreams!
Balustrada din lemn plastifiat rezistenta la ploaie inghet si temperaturi joase

Balustradă din lemn plastifiat model „ONIX”

The "ONIX" plasticized wooden railing (WPC) with vertical decoration is an elegant, practical and maintenance-free option. It does not require varnishing / painting, will not rot, will not break and will not form chips.


To make this railing model you need the following wpc profiles:

  • Metal mounting bracket with 40 * 40mm sole
  • Pillar 90 * 90mm
  • Current Hand 70 * 35mm
  • 35 * 35mm bearing (vertical decoration)
  • 90 * 90mm ring (pu pillar)
  • 90 * 90mm cover (pu Pillar)
  • 21 * 21mm connector (pu bearing)
  • Mounting bracket (handrail)
  • Screws and dowels for fixing
feronerie balustrada din lemn plastifiat rezistent la intimperii

Balustradă WPC model „ONIX”

Installation of plasticized wooden railing

The assembly begins by fastening the metal supports in concrete with dowels after first taking the exact measures for each section of the railing. Separately insert the 90 * 90mm ring in the lower part of the 90x90mm pole. The bearing 35x35 is mounted on the current hand 70x35mm with the help of 21x21mm connectors, following that the grid thus obtained is attached to the fixing corners. The resulting panel is inserted into the metal support just a few centimeters, to allow the same positioning above the supports and for the pillars of the next panels. After completing the assembly of all adjacent panels, the poles are pushed vertically until they touch the base of the metal supports and are fixed to them with 2 screws on each side. Beat the collars on the poles with a rubber mallet until they reach to mask the metal soles and then fix the 90 * 90mm lids of the poles with the help of 2 side screws or the specialized adhesive.

European Safety and Security standards require that the railings have a role of protection against falling and configurations adapted to traffic conditions and wind resistance, standards that our railings successfully meet.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the impressive weather resistance of WPC profiles. Whether summer, winter, rain or snow with frost, the plasticized wooden railing is the right choice for you!

Graphic illustration for railing mounting

intructiune de montare a balustradei din wpc lemn plastifiat in chisinau
Motarea balustradei din profile wpc


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